Allergens for days, no more

Ever since I was a young man, I easily remember having problems with flu symptoms.

I had a lot of flu symptoms in my lungs when I was younger, but thankfully I have grown out of some things that were very bad.

I no longer have a latex flu symptom and I no longer have to worry about touching peanuts. I’m still allergic to tree nuts of many weird types, but peanuts no longer often cause our throat to swell shut. I do still have terrible problems with too many lawn clippings, pollen, and fresh flowers. Hardly 2 months ago, I had an entirely poor flu symptom attack and the EpiPen did not help. I was actually in the hospital for 3 afternoons. Before the doctor released myself and others to go home, he demanded buying a media air cleaner for our home. The doctor suggested buying the brand new media air cleaner from a medical supply store and he offered myself and others a helpful coupon to help save a few dollars. I went to the medical supply store to look at the options, but I decided to talk to a contractor in a village that advertises air filtration products and other indoor air cleaning services. They had a lot of nice ideas and they even offered to immediately match the 10% off savings coupon. That made our possibilities much more effective and I had someone to install the air filtration equipment. A few afternoons later, I already had the modern air filtration component installed in our home. I suppose the modern air products are helping relieve some of the flu symptom issues that plague me everyday. It is not quite flu symptom season yet. That will be the real test.

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