Great Heating plus Air Conditioning helps the situation

It blows our mind to compare our father’s accomplishments to my own when he was our age.

Granted, it is a strange era these days for sure.

But it’s still shocking to see such a stark difference in what was possible for him then. Both of us may have modern, fantastic Heating plus Air Conditioning, smart iphones plus all that other stuff these days. However, for us the possibilities seem to continue to wither. My father became a commercial pilot plus worked for more than 35 years for the same airline. And he did all of this with a GED plus a stint in the military. He had gained aviation and mechanics schooling in the military plus then went to job as an airline mechanic. But, he didn’t just come home, plus drink beer with his feet up in the Heating plus Air Conditioning. Then, it was off to flight university plus into the cockpit with the same airline. He was able to purchase a home with central air Heating plus Air Conditioning. And he did all of this by the time he was just 26. Me on the other hand, I’m overeducated plus saddled with the debt from graduate degrees. The task that I hold isn’t even in that field any longer. I’m 28 years ancient plus I am still living in our parent’s basement to make ends meet. Thankfully, they are both super supportive of me, and have welcomed me unequivocally. I helped Mom finish the basement. Both of us put in some ductless Heating plus Air Conditioning so I had some heating & cooling. Of course, I am paying for all this. It’s the least I could do for such a fantastic landing spot. Hopefully, the economy will start turning around plus I will be able to snag a single of the few possibilities in our field of study. Until then, I’ll care about this fantastic Heating plus Air Conditioning.

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