I had to leave the club early due to total lack of A/C

Last Friday night, my friends & I went to the dance club for a few hours to go dancing.

I was at work earlier on in the day, & I was honestly tired by the time my friends finally got dressed & ready to go to the club.

I had some drinks when all of us arrived. Close to an hour later, I was feeling severely overheated. I truly thought it was the alcohol, however my friends were feeling especially uncomfortable as well, but the club was truly sizzling & sticky & it did not take long to see that the AC machine wasn’t blowing frigid air. The air coming out of the AC vents was perfectly cool, however not downright cold. I went to the bar & I talked to the bartender about the AC setback they were having. The guy told myself and others they were having major issues with the HVAC the whole day. I managed to find a cool spot to rest & sip my drink. I stayed there with my trainer until my friends came to locate me. I informed them that the AC machine was broken & I recommended that all of us leave & go back to our residences early. None of my friends believed it was a good idea, although I was absolutely set on leaving. My good friend allowed me to take her car so that I could make my way home & she got a ride with another person entirely. I don’t even know how late my buddy stayed at the bar, although I was cheerful to come back to my residence & lay down before midnight. I had to get up & do my job the next day & I did not want to be up all night dancing.

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