It’s a team effort to finish on time

I work with a lot of entirely great employees, and that’s why I try to treat each person like they are an important and valuable member of our heating and cooling team. I own an Heating and A/C contractor that specializes in indoor air pollen levels and contamination solutions. The people I was with and I have a number of service members at the shop that are NATE certified. The people I was with and I offer many heating and cooling related services including cleaning and sanitizing ductwork, professional installation of Heating and A/C equipment, and indoor air pollen levels checks. The dedicated people I was with and I install AC units, gas furnaces, boilers, ductless options, and radiant heat solutions all over the place. My team and I always work together to complete every job. In the morning, though, I schedule all of the jobs for the day. If jobs are canceled, I send the employees back out to help in other areas. No one leaves at the end of the day until every single job is truly finished. All of our employees go to their lake house when the last job is finished. It’s a team effort to finish on time and that definitely means almost everyone works harder. I do not expect anything from the crew that I am not willing to give myself. Last Sunday night, for instance, I had supper with our wifey planned at a truly nice restaurant. The last HVAC job of the day was an air filtration installation and the many men assigned to the heating and cooling job were having a terribly strenuous time. I was nearly an hour late for supper because I didn’t leave until everyone was ready to call it a day.

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