They better give my hubby his raise soon

My hubby has been working for the same HVAC repair plus replacement company for approximately 5 years.

He is smart, capable, plus amazing with problem solving skills.

He has awesome patron service reviews plus he typically takes care of the job on time. After about 2 years, he acquired a small raise plus a benefits package. The manager at the HVAC service promised my hubby another raise when he in time became manager. He honestly waited multiple years for the promotion. My hubby became the branch manager a couple of weeks ago when the seasoned manager took a job at the corporate office! I’m not very happy though, because he still hasn’t acquired any compensation for taking the work. My husband still has not received his raise from the promotion. He should be already getting a salary plus retirement benefits, but he still is getting the hourly rate. I told my hubby he definitely needed to firmly request the raise, but he is entirely happy at his job plus does not want to ruffle anyone’s feathers. My guy gets up each day before the sun plus he doesn’t come back to our place most days until the sun is actually set. Yesterday, he took care of a ductless HVAC installation job entirely on his own. He totally broke his finger in a door jamb plus still completed the all day installation work. I’m sincerely fed up with those people taking serious advantage of a nice guy plus a firm worker. I suppose it might be time for my guy to start a supplier of his own so he doesn’t have to work for such an awful place.


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