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The manager for an apartment community where I often give Heating and A/C repair services called myself and others on a weekly basis to schedule a repair call.

The customer in apartment 87B was complaining about a strange odor coming from the AC.

The manager already got some information from the client and then she instantly called myself and others to originally schedule the service. About an hour later, I picked up keys to the apartment and just went to the eighth floor to check on our problem. I entirely didn’t expect to find any drama. As soon as I opened the front door, I could odor the most terrible odor coming from inside.I didn’t have to check on the AC to understand the terrible odor was coming from a terrible mold issue. There was an inch of black mold, at least, all over the top of the kitchen, kitchen, and bathroom. It appeared to myself and others at that point like the AC had been broken for a truly long time. The black mold problem was extremely bad, but the odor from the refrigerator in the place was even worse. The entire kitchen was filthy with dirty dishes and garbage strewn on the counters. There was rotten food sitting on the floor and the sink. I really didn’t want to open the door to the fridge, but the worst odor was coming from that very direction. When I opened the door, I saw flies, maggots, and more mold. I called the manager. I knew she needed to look at the apartment before I got started with the HVAC repair. That sort of problem only happens when you neglect your whole apartment for a long time.

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