10. Sales could be better, but we’re trying to float

I was happy to help, but it isn’t our specialty.

Covid has changed a lot of things in my life. My kids are home from school everyday and my wife had to quit her job to teach them at home. Things have been tough, but we are trying to handle all of the issues one at a time. The kids are miserable because they want to see their friends. My wife and I aren’t very happy with the current situation either. Ever since the start of the coronavirus, business sales have been lower. People aren’t spending extra money on plumbing, heating and AC services. I have a contracting firm that specializes in home upgrades. We handle flooring projects, remodels, and a variety of repair and installation services for HVAC equipment. Before the virus pandemic, we were busy every day of the week including Saturday and Sunday. Since the start of quarantine, sales have been practically non-existent and the only calls for repairs are emergency repair services. A couple of people have called us to install air filtration equipment, but we aren’t known for that service. I was happy to help, but it isn’t our specialty. We don’t really receive a great number of calls for air filtration services, because we don’t advertise those services. I had a ductless AC installation job for a commercial client last week, but that was the first installation job in a month. I’m desperate for the Covid19 virus to be eradicated, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen this summer. All we can do is continue to stay busy and wait for the virus to slowly go away.

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