A few dehumidifiers in and we will be in business!

The luxury apartments were almost complete, and the people I was with and I were all excited.

  • My mom was a great real estate investor and had outdone herself with this new building.

It was in a prime location overlooking the ocean and was almost all sold out even before construction was complete. When potential buyers knew it was our family doing the work, demand had gone up instantly. Uncle Mike ran a successful AC upgrade business and did an excellent job at the luxury apartments, and every one of us went to test the AC units and see how they performed against the tepid and humid air, however the AC systems were excellent, but something was missing. Uncle Mike suggested to us it was better to also invest in a dehumidifier for each of them. These would connect to the AC machine and improve the indoor conditions. The dehumidifier did more than extract extra humidity in the apartments. The device would prevent moisture from accumulating in particular parts of the rooms. Moisture accumulation was responsible for mold and mildew growth. In case that happened, it would compromise the health status of all tenants in the building. Another issue a dehumidifier would solve is condensation in the apartments. The walls had wallpaper which would swiftly start peeling due to the excess moisture in the air. Mom was upset that moisture in the apartments being in such a humid area would cause musty odors. Musty odors were a considerable concern when new tenants got to the houses and started to complain about them. Mom quickly accepted the upgrade system suggested by uncle Mike, and he began searching for the best quality dehumidifiers. Every one of us needed the job completed swiftly because buyers were already calling to come and view the show apartment before completing the purchase process.



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