A misdiagnosed central air conditioner almost ruined the baby shower

On the day of the shower, the unit again malfunctioned and stopped working

My friends and I had been planning this baby shower for our friend for over a month now. Since our friend is very particular and dramatic, we expected the event to be over the top and that is why we had taken a while to plan it. It was going to be held in my backyard as it was bigger and could accommodate the number of people invited. A week before the event, I noticed that the zoned HVAC unit was emitting hot air from the air ducts. When the cooling specialists examined the central air conditioning, they determined the issue was the wrong settings on the wireless thermostat. They fixed the issue and left saying there was no need to do a quality AC service. The cooling equipment continued working, but I had noticed that the cooling effect was not as it was before the issue with the cold air. I tried calling the cooling workmen again and they assured me that the unit was functioning well, just like a commercial air conditioning system. Since I was super busy with the planning and preparations, I did not revisit this issue until the day of the baby shower. The HEPA filter on the unit did help with indoor comfort. On the day of the shower, the unit again malfunctioned and stopped working. It was a Sunday and most specialists were not available so I directed the guests outside where the setup was amazing and since it was not too hot, we were able to have a successful beautiful shower for our friend despite the issues. The next day, I contacted a different specialist for the HVAC service and was glad I did not have to purchase a new HVAC system because of a worn-out fan on the unit.


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