A trip to the cottage

My wife and I planned a trip to a cottage in the woods for our birthdays.

  • Both of us were pretty nervous about it, but we had never been camping by ourselves before, and so both of us chose a cottage that was nearby other ones.

We weren’t completely isolated. The cottage was small in addition to quaint. But it had a charming fireplace in addition to a mantle. I knew the cottage was a lot older when I saw the dial temperature control on the wall. I actually had no clue what it was at first, but the cottage manual explained everything about it. It operates the central Heating in addition to A/C. My wife thought that it looked so cool and she said both of us should install a dial temperature control into our own home. I thought it was a stupid plan because digital temperature controls are much easier to use now. They’re easy to find now, too. I did like the idea of having a SMART temperature control that we could program to fit our needs. My wife thinks that SMART temperature controls will track our information. She would prefer a dial temperature control, and at the end of the day, temperature controls operate for the same reason. The category of temperature control that you end up choosing can dictate the experience you have with your entire air conditioning system. So we had a discussion about this for hours. Then we went to sleep with hurt feelings. I guess when you’re in a relationship for so long, you just argue about silly things. .



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