An air filtration system will work great for germs and bacteria

I was surprised when everyone in the office was forced to go back when the covid-19 numbers were still extremely high.

I was one of the first people to protest and I insisted that it was safer to work from home.

I started a petition and I had 50 signatures in less than 2 hours. My boss scaled back on opening the office until he could set up an air filtration system to make it safer to return to the building. I’m surprised that my boss decided to install an elaborate air filtration system, but it’s the only way I was going back to the office. The company called a ventilation expert and they set up a complex air filtration system that works with the existing HVAC equipment. The air filtration system works very well and it’s clear that there are real results. The office always had dust in the air and on the surfaces. Since the air filtration system was installed, there isn’t a single speck of dust on any surface or the electronics. It looks like a hospital laboratory and it smells like a medical office. People in the office are not wearing masks, so I hope the air filtration system removes viruses like covid-19. The vice president of the company sent a memo to every staff insisting that the air filtration equipment will keep any harmful viruses out of the work area. If I get sick from coming to work, I am going to sue the pants off this company for putting me at risk. I could be working from home in a safe environment with my children.

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