Be sure new HVAC is ready to go forward from installation

There was a lot involved when I came time to replace our HVAC equipment.

But considering that we only have to do this every 25 years or so, I guess it’s energy well spent.

The fact that we got as much life out of the old heating and cooling equipment as we did is a testament to HVAC maintenance. We had that old HVAC equipment installed just after getting the keys to this house. The previous owner was not at all interested in replacing the antiquated HVAC unit. So we negotiated that as part of the final sale price. This is ended up in our favor actually. I think we came out like a few thousand dollars in the black after we replaced the HVAC. That said, it’s not like we went with the top of the line HVAC equipment either. That’s yet another reason it’s pretty amazing that the HVAC system went as long as it did. But the eventual demise started about a year ago as we started to see a continuing spike in heating and cooling costs. We were told by the HVAC professional that this was to be expected. So we spent plenty of time figuring out what sort of new HVAC equipment we wanted. Once we were settled on that, it was on to setting an installation date. The day the new heating and air conditioning unit was installed, we did two things to start off on the right foot. First, we immediately registered the warranty with the factory. Then, we called to sign up yet again for the HVAC service plan.
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