Buying a new air conditioner

When searching for a room air conditioner, there are a couple of important things to think about. A room air conditioner is normally designed to effectively cool a small space. Window air conditioners are made for practical use in a single room, rather than total use throughout an entire home. Most air conditioners will operate in one of two modes. Either the air conditioner will cool to a specific temperature setting and then turn off, or the air conditioner will have a specific thermostat that allows the user to set the desired temperature. Some air conditioners will also come with a heating mode as well. The heating mode works the same as the cooling function. Air conditioners with the heating function are often more expensive. 

Size is very important when it comes to choosing an air conditioner. Size helps determine whether or not the air conditioner will adequately cool a space. If the air conditioner is too small, it will usually work too hard to cool the space. Conversely, an air conditioner that is too large can leave the room feeling wet with humidity. Most professionals agree that the amount of BTUs should be determined by multiplying the square footage x 20. When I was looking for a room air conditioner for my home, I searched around for the best unit in the 8,000 to 12,000 BTU unit size. Luckily, both Home Depot and Lowe’s have several different options in this category. In fact, there are so many options that I needed to narrow down my search. I decided to choose the most important features on my list so I could weed out my selection.

          Special features are an important element in choosing an air conditioner for your home. Features are some of the main differences between the different models available online. Units with a programmable timer allow you to set a schedule for cooling. This programmable timer allows the homeowner to reduce the amount of energy consumption daily. Mechanical controls are another feature that allows the owner to adjust both the cooling levels and the fan speeds. Controls that are digital or electronic will usually allow the owner to set a specific temperature. Some room air conditioners come with a sleep setting as well. When the sleep timer expires, the air conditioner automatically turns off until the next programmed time. There are also air conditioners that come equipped with an electronic ionizer or air purifier. These air conditioners tend to be more expensive, but they are useful for removing allergens, pollen, and other impurities from the air. Air conditioners can even be equipped with a humidifier or dehumidifier, making them great for specific temperature regions like the arid desert or the humid south.

Another important part of choosing a window air conditioner is the ease of installation. Most window air conditioners are built the same, so they can be easily installed. They are made for standard double pane windows. While each air conditioner is a little different, all of them can be installed in  most windows. The standard installation kit will usually include side screens, weatherstripping, and a mounting bracket. My kit even came with step by step directions. If you are unsure of the window dimensions, carefully measure before purchasing a model online. This will ensure you purchase the proper installation kit the first time. 

My wife and I decided to research our choices online, rather than stand around inside the store for an hour. I hate reading all of the boxes in the store. The service assistants stand around and watch the whole time and it makes me feel very nervous. My wife and I have a Lowe’s hardware store in our town, so that made our choice very simple. My wife and I went online to compare the different air conditioner choices at Lowes. We compared three different systems, before we made our choice. My wife and I looked at GE 8000 BTU Energy Star window air conditioner first. The unit can cool a room up to 350 square feet. There is also a bluetooth-enabled voice assistant which is a really neat feature. The window insulation kit is included in the box. There are three cooling speeds and an additional 3 Fan speeds. The energy star certification means that the system exceeds the minimum guidelines set forth by our government. At $289, the GE brand window air conditioner was a steal. ]

My wife and I also looked at a slightly larger 10,000 BTU GE energy star window air conditioner as well. The air conditioner was listed at $349, but the coverage was almost a hundred square feet more. Everything in the box was the same as the 8,000 btu unit. The air conditioner included a remote control, installation kit, and user manual. My wife and I also decided to look at a portable air conditioner. I didn’t want to buy something large and bulky to sit around the room, but the Hisense portable air conditioner was on sale. I wasn’t very impressed with the features of the portable AC unit, even though it could dehumidify as well as heat. I didn’t like the bulky pieces and parts either. I thought the portable unit would look like an eyesore in the middle of our living room.

When my wife and I finally made our decision, we decided to purchase the $289 GE window air conditioner from Lowe’s. At 8,000 BTU’s, it’s powerful enough to cool the room without using a ton of energy. We could have purchased the bigger model, but I think the smaller one will be just fine. Shipping only took three business days, and we didn’t pay a dime. With the included installation kit, my wife and I didn’t have any trouble setting up the system. We even purchased a piece of foam weatherstrip that’s made specifically for air conditioners. It helped seal out all of the excess air and draft. The GE 8,000 BTU Energy Star appliance is ultra- quiet and very energy efficient. The online application has great features, and I can see just how much energy I am using each day. I’m glad that we made our purchase at, and I’m even happier that we didn’t spend a fortune on a professional HVAC carrier. 

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