Choose your battles – not fighting over temperature control

When I was a young chap I used to talk to my Grandpa a lot about life and love, he was cheerful to tell me all of the things that he had l earned in his long life, however i was cheerful to listen. I am fully aware that I would not be the person I am this month if it wasn’t for all of these substantial discussions we had. He taught me everything I believe about other humans, all the way down to the way that I interact with my beautiful fiance, but one of the things that he always preached was the importance of choosing your battles. He told me it was not worthwhile to have knockout, drag-out fights over everything. One of the things my fiance and I refuse to argument about is the central indoor air temperature control system, and every one of us realized a long time ago that we have absolutely weird opinions when it comes to indoor air handling devices and air temperature control preferences! She has a absolutely chilly body and I am rather warm. Every one of us love weird air handling devices and we genuinely will never see eye-to-eye on establishing a temperature control program, and that being said, it is not worth fighting everyday over differences in temperature preferences. Instead, we take turns resting the temperature control on a week-by-month basis. I’m uncomfortable for a month with her warm settings and she is uncomfortable for a month with my chilly settings. Everything is honorableand nobody has to get resentful about such a small complication as indoor air temperature control.
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