Choosing an air conditioner and then installing the system

Carrier air conditioners are at the top of most HVAC contractors list when it comes to quality, reliability and efficiency.  They should be among the very elite air conditioner providers given the fact that Carrier invented what we consider the modern air conditioner.  The turn of the 20th century brought the idea of air conditioning into existence. Six engineers, in upstate New York, combined there money to the tune of $32,600 to form the Carrier Engineering Corporation in 1915.  They later started manufacturing in their first factory in 1920 which was located in Newark, New Jersey. Decades later, during the 50’s, Carrier began to market their residential version of the air conditioner. It was a boon not only to Carrier but to much of our country.  Suddenly, places which had been considered too hot for towns to grow, were seeing sprawling communities spring up. The advent of Carrier’s home air conditioning grew to where nearly all homes in warmer regions have some form of air conditioning. This fact lends a lot of credence to Carrier setting the pace for quality air conditioning innovation.  This can be seen in the different types and models that Carrier produces. Carrier is an HVAC industry standard bearer. Carrier continues to deliver the finest, most technologically advanced air conditioners on the market. However, there is a fundamental element to consider when choosing to replace your air conditioner. I think most HVAC contractors would agree that any Carrier line of air conditioners would be a very sound choice.  Yet, it is imperative to have a qualified, Carrier trained installer to do the actual work. If not, the investment of a quality Carrier product could be in jeopardy. Carrier doesn’t simply authorize a dealer just to sell their products. There is a very extensive program in place for HVAC dealers when it comes to selling and installing a Carrier product. In fact, a certified dealer for Carrier is referred to by Carrier as an expert. There is a reason why the term expert is used.  It’s because by the time a dealer, HVAC contractor or technician goes through all the factory training, they are indeed experts.

The intensive training is primarily focused on how to maximize the Carrier product through exemplary installation and continued service after the sale. While the focus of the factory training is on the Carrier product and installation, Carrier takes that a few steps further. The ultimate outcome for Carrier is for the customer to feel as though the Carrier expert is superbly trained with a willingness to go the extra mile.  Finding a truly reliable and Carrier certified HVAC professional is perhaps equally, if not more important than buying a quality Carrier product. There are certainly a number of things to contemplate when considering an air conditioning system upgrade. Thinking through some of these questions can only help a Carrier certified expert deliver the perfect air conditioning match for you and your family. First, consider your environment and by that I mean your home. Think about how warm it was in your house during the peak summer heat. Did you have to constantly adjust the air conditioner so it could catch up to demand?  Perhaps the current air conditioner isn’t just outdated but not even the correct size for your home. Another element to consider is what the future of your house might be. Many people are planning to live in their homes for decades to come. A certified Carrier expert can help you choose an air conditioning system based on how long a homeowner plans to keep the house. This may seem an insignificant thought. However, consider those homeowners who aren’t tied to a property or even a region. Many homeowners have a house flip in their plans as their situation evolves. A homeowner who is looking to sell their home would want to perhaps consider a different Carrier model given the investment and potential profit from a home sale.  The choice of a quality Carrier air conditioner is a serious home investment. Consider how you might want to invest that money. Many homeowners, who are looking at the long term, might choose to invest in a different air conditioner model. Long term homeowners might consider investing a bit more on the front end to maximize the long term energy savings.

However, other homeowners may simply want to save the maximum on upfront equipment and installation costs due to short term financial constraints. But, it’s not all about the money. A homeowner considering an air conditioning upgrade should also give great consideration to comfort. I mean that’s why we buy air conditioners in the first place right? Thinking about how you want the air conditioning system to perform is another idea which deserves some consideration.  Carrier’s modern air conditioning systems do much more than simply blow cool air into your living areas. These air conditioners also control the humidity level in the home. The ventilation and airflow are managed by the air conditioning system. They even have the ability to be customized to specific locations in your home. The Carrier air conditioning systems can deliver independently controlled comfort for up to 8 zones throughout your home. Do some members of the family like to sleep under a blanket during the summer while other don’t? These are the types of comfort questions one might consider to help a Carrier expert provide the right air conditioning option for you. Carrier’s air conditioners can also address air quality within your home if that is important to you. Some family members may have respiratory issues or allergies due to pets.  Believe it or not, Carrier air conditioning systems can address all of these needs. That’s why it is so important to choose a Carrier certified expert to help match your A/C comfort needs. The Carrier product is excellent. Just be certain to have a Carrier expert do the sale and the subsequent installation.

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