Comparing heaters from multiple businesses

For small spaces, a portable space heater can be the perfect answer to cold weather problems. Space heaters have come a long way in the past two decades. Ceramic heaters are especially nice because they are compact and easily available. A ceramic heater can offer many advantages. Ceramic heaters are much less likely to start a fire. Ceramic elements don’t get overheated, which lowers the overall risk of fires. Ceramic heaters are extremely energy efficient, because they operate off electricity and not gas. Having an electric space heater means not having to worry about carbon monoxide or other dangerous toxic emissions. Many of the ceramic heaters available on the market today are equipped with safety features like timers, sensors, and automatic shutoff switches. These safety features help each user enjoy a better experience. Ceramic space heaters are much safer for homes with children as well. Ceramic heaters are often very cool to touch, with the chance of burning minimal.

My wife and I have a small cabin in the mountains. We have a wood fireplace in the main living area. With the bedroom door open, the fireplace provides the perfect amount of heat for the whole cabin  Unfortunately, we don’t always want to leave the bedroom door open with the kids visiting. My wife and I decided to search for a ceramic space heater to keep in the cabin for chilly nights. We researched a few different models online, before deciding to go with a Lasko ceramic heating tower. They are one of the biggest names in personal heaters. Lasko has several different makes and models available online, and my wife and I found several models on the Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Lowe’s website.

For approximately $51, Home Depot offers the Lasko 23in 1500 watt electric ceramic tower heater. The tower heater has multiple features and an electronic touchscreen. There is also a programmable thermostat that helps each homeowner maintain a better control of temperatures in the house. The Lasko 23in 1500 watt electric portable ceramic tower heater comes with a multi-function remote control, touch control operation, and a 7 hour sleep timer. There are high and low settings that provide a myriad of heating options. The non-slip bottom secures the heater safely in a single place. The Lasko 1500 watt tower heater from Home Depot is designed to operate very quietly and efficiently. Its black on the outside with black buttons. There is also a heavy duty oscillating fan inside the machine, which helps create an even wider pattern of heat distribution. This can be extremely helpful for large rooms or oddly shaped places. There were several reviews for this product online and most of them were favorable.

 My wife and I found a few similar products available at Lowes. The Lasko 1500 watt convection tower heater was not quite as big at a whopping 16 in tall, but it’s lightweight and easy to move. The tower heater features a mechanical thermostat, rather than a digital thermostat. It can be used on the floor or table top, since it’s so small. The safety features include overheat protection, cool touch housing, and a self-regulating element. The supplemental heating area was smaller at only 200 square feet. The Lasko 1500 watt convection Tower from Lowe’s was silver and black. There was a single review of the product online, which was five out of five stars. The 16in Lasko convection Tower was also listed around $50. At Ace Hardware, my wife and I found a similar Lasko bladeless heater listed at $55. This tower heater was the same height as the one listed at Home Depot. The Lasko bladeless heater from Ace Hardware had a programmable thermostat as well, and some additional conveniences like a multi-function remote control and multiple heat settings. Though different in look and feel from the space heater from Home Depot, both seemed to be in the same overall category. 

My wife and I quickly ruled out the Lasko convection heater from Lowe’s, making our choice a little easier. We decided to purchase the 23in Lasko ceramic tower heater from Home Depot. My wife and I ordered the machine, which came with free shipping. We waited 3 days, and the Lasko ceramic heater arrived with no damage. The cord length is almost 6 ft, and we can place the ceramic tower heater almost anywhere in the bedroom. The ceramic heater is stylish and sturdy, and the quality plastic looks great. It blends in with our furniture, and it doesnt stick out like a sore thumb. It uses a small amount of amps and doesn’t trip any other appliances in our cabin. We’ve been using the Lasko 1500 watt electric portable heater for a week now, and I’m very happy with the purchase. I really like the 7 hour timer, which is a great feature to use overnight.  My wife and I turned on the timer before we go to bed, and the room is still usually very warm when we wake up in the morning. There are several temperature settings on the heater, and they range in 5-degree intervals from 60° to 85°. The remote control is sleek and black, and all of the buttons are easy to read and easy to use. My wife and I have had other space heaters in the past, but this is definitely one of the best. It’s no wonder that so many people trust the brand Lasko for their heating cooling needs. I’m glad we purchased our item online and had it shipped directly to our home. It saved a lot of extra time and energy. The heater was ready to go when it arrived, and I plugged it in directly out of the box.l Since all three stores offered the same space heaters around the same price range, our decision was much more difficult to make. In the end, I’m glad that we decided to choose a well known name brand like Lasko. Their customer service is top notch, and they have a great warranty program. 

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