Extremely uncomfortable childhood leads to HVAC abuse as adult

Since I grew up with such little indoor comfort, I know I’ve become entirely obsessed with it as an adult

I’ve been listening to a great deal of motivational audiobooks in my free time recently. For the past decade or so, I have been deeply immersed with self-improvement & changing my entire mindset for a better life. I recognize it sounds stupid, but I know that it actually helps to listen to inspirational words throughout the difficult days. A lot of the time, these recordings discuss a mindset of “lacking.” This is their term for growing up in a household separate from different types of luxuries. Apparently, that causes long-term changes in your brain that often lead to negative neural changes. I’ve come to realize, I undoubtedly have a mindset of lacking when it comes down to indoor air temperature control! When I legitimately stop & consider it, my childhood was defined by a complete & utter lack of indoor air temperature comfort. When I was growing up, we lived on a shoestring budget! My father never wanted to spend money on the energy bills & he needed to. As such, he was obsessed with keeping the HVAC device turned down literally as low as he possibly could. In the middle of the cold season, all of us had to wear coats all the time to stay sizzling in the household separate from using the oil furnace. In the summer, we laid directly beneath fans because the air conditioner device wasn’t ever running. As an adult, I am completely obsessed with using our indoor air temperature control devices. I don’t go five minutes separate from adjusting the temperature control unit. If I am even slightly sizzling or nippy, I am going to utilize our heating & cooling device as much as I want. Since I grew up with such little indoor comfort, I know I’ve become entirely obsessed with it as an adult. Thanks a lot, Father.


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