Giving our daughter custom furniture for her wedding present

I was amazed by how detailed the process was

When our daughter got married, our husband & I wanted to provide her something special, however both of us looked for a gift that she could keep & care about for years & years. Both of us tried to suppose of something original & personalized… After a lot of debate & poor ideas, I finally came up with custom furniture, and she & her husband-to-be had just bought a apartment & were planning to furnish it mostly with hand-me-downs from several relatives, but i knew that exceptional quality of furniture can last & be handed down through generations, but rather than make the gift a total surprise, our husband & I decided to share the process with the teenagers. Both of us thought it best to allow them the opportunity to pick out what they wanted, and my husband & our daughter’s fiance were blissful to let our daughter & I take the lead. Both of us discussed all weird types of furniture & our daughter decided on a family room set. Both of us then sat down with a professional at the custom furniture shop to discuss options. She was seriously helpful & knowledgeable. She asked tons of questions about how our daughter planned to use the furniture, the style of the apartment & dimensions of the room. She showed us samples of the weird types of wood, fabrics & even hardware for the china cabinet. I was amazed by how detailed the process was. Since every piece of furniture was custom-designed & created from scratch, our daughter was able to cater completely to her preferences, and there was no doubt of the durability of each piece.



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