Going long term with HVAC option

I think this will be the first and last custom home that my wife and I will live in.

It was a bit intense to get this one built so I can’t imagine what it would be like to do it again, ever. No, just upgrading the HVAC and the kitchen and whatever else to sell the house we raised our kids in was enough really. But then to live in an apartment with poor heating and cooling for a year while the house was being built was a bit trying. Throw in all the drama and effort that comes with a home build project and perhaps you know why this will be the last house for us. We had our kids early so we were able to do this project in our forties. While we aren’t completely sure that we’ll retire here, the HVAC equipment that we chose might be leaning toward just that. We’re using a geothermal heat pump for the heating and cooling in our home. And this sort of HVAC equipment lasts at least 30 plus years. There are some geo heat pumps that are still heating and cooling some 40 years later. That’s really remarkable. While this heating and cooling method costs more upfront due to the HVAC technology involved, it’s worth it. That’s because the heating and cooling cost savings we will enjoy over the lifetime of the geo heat pump might just pay for it. This is such an efficient, sustainable method of heating and cooling a house. So who knows, this might be our retirement place as well. And I think we both can live with that.


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