Grandma won’t let HVAC tech in her house, grandson of her enemy

Sometimes I really worry about getting older.

It seems like the older you get the more brain cells you start to lose.

Pretty soon, you go from being a high-functioning and normal human being to a fairly dysfunctional and confused one. After that, Lord knows what weird things your brain is going to become preoccupied with. I guess when you get old and have nothing else to concentrate on in your life, tiny things become major obsessions. This couldn’t have been more clear than last week when my grandma refused to have her central heating, cooling, and air quality control system serviced. She had been complaining for many months that her indoor air temperature was always wildly fluctuating from hot to cold. She said there were drafty and uncomfortable patches throughout the house. She kept telling us that we were likely to find her frozen to death because her furnace was slowly failing on her. As such, we continually encouraged her to call the local heating, cooling, and air quality control dealership for a professional opinion on her central heating and cooling units. It took a long time before my grandma finally made the call to the HVAC dealership. After she did, the worries weren’t over. When the HVAC technician arrived at her house she actually refused to let him inside to perform his job. Apparently, she immediately recognized the HVAC tech as my grandson of her worst enemy at Bridge Club. What caused this hateful stance in the first place? The woman had mentioned my grandma’s uncomfortable air quality at one of their Bridge games. I don’t want to get old.


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