I am going to wait to buy a central a/c

My partner is trying to convince myself and others to buy a few window a/cs, but I am determined to wait and save up for a central a/c, and the two of us are so close to being able to buy a central a/c, and I guess that if we hold off on the window a/cs, it will pay off; If we buy the window a/cs now, it will put us behind a year or 2, and that just means that we will have to wait even longer before we are able to afford the central a/c.

That is why I guess that it is a enjoyable method to wait for the central a/c.

I understand why our partner wants the window a/cs now. I am not dumb. It is warm where we live. The two of us made the mistake of buying a apartment without a central a/c, and we planned to save up enough currency so that we could buy the central a/c eventually. In the beginning, both our partner and I were determined that we were going to survive without any style of cooling until we were able to afford the central a/c; However, the summers are hot here, and our resolve is breaking. I am stronger than our partner because she is the 1 that has been nagging myself and others to buy the window a/cs… Buying the window a/cs would be a huge waste of currency. The two of us would not continue using the window a/cs for long, and it would put us behind. I am sure that if we wait 1 more Summer without any a/c, we will have enough currency for a central a/c. It is just hard to wait.
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