I am obsessed with using my HVAC as an adult

I’ve been listening to numerous motivational audiobooks in my free time as of late… For the past decade or so, I have been deeply immersed with self-improvement & adjusting my mindset for a better life.

I realize it sounds stupid, however I think that it genuinely helps to listen to inspirational words throughout the difficult work day.

Most of the time, these recordings discuss a mindset of “lacking.” This is their term for growing up in a dwelling without so many luxuries. Evidently, that causes long-term swings in your brain that often lead to negative neural swings. I’ve come to see, I unquestionably have a mindset of lacking when it comes down to indoor climate control! When I entirely stop & think about it, my childhood days were defined by a lack of indoor air temperature comfort. When I was being raised, we lived on a shoestring budget… My father never wanted to cover the cost for our energy bills & he definitely needed to. As such, he was easily obsessed with keeping the Heating & A/C appliance turned down literally as low as he was able to manage. In the middle of the frosty season, the bunch of us had to wear coats regularly to stay warm in the dwelling without using the furnace. In the hot season, the bunch of us laid directly beneath fans because the air conditioner appliance wasn’t ever running. As an adult, I am honestly obsessed with using our indoor air temperature control appliances. I don’t go even a short while without adjusting our temperature control. If I am even a little bit warm or cold, I am going to utilize our heating & cooling appliances as much as I want… Since I grew up with so little indoor comfort, I think I’ve become completely obsessed with it as an adult… Thanks a lot, Dad.

Zone controlled HVAC

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