I didn’t get the significance of strict air filter changes until my buddy broke it down for me

One time when I was relaxing at my buddy’s house while watching the football game, he went to change his air filter on one of the commercial breaks.

I thought it was crazy that he was so serious about getting his air filter changed, but he said he always kept his air filter changes on a tight schedule. That particular day just happened to be the one month mark when he had to make sure the air filter was changed. I started talking to him and asked him why he couldn’t be a day late or even a week late on the air filter change. He came back at me with a question of his own. He asked me how the air quality was in his house. I said it seemed to be just fine. That’s when he said the air quality was nice because he changed his air filters regularly on time. He also had lower energy bills because he never had clogged air filters in his HVAC system. He said even if I changed the air filters a week late, that would cause stress on his HVAC system and it was not worth the price for higher energy bills and damage to the HVAC system. I honestly never thought that it was so serious, but I realized that I had an issue at my house with costly energy bills and I could use better air quality too. I ended up being more strict about my air filter changes after that. It was funny because my friend started coming over to my house to watch some of the games when he learned that I had improved air quality at my place.

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