I didn’t have comfortable temperature control as a youngster

I don’t go longer than four hours separate from making changes to our thermostat.

I’ve been listening to all kinds of motivational audiobooks during my free time recently. For at least a decade, I have been deeply immersed with self-improvement plus trying to adjust my mindset for a better life. I guess it sounds foolish, but I assume that it absolutely helps to listen to inspirational words throughout the hard work days. A lot of the time, these recordings discuss a mindset of “lacking.” This is their term for growing up in a residence separate from having many luxuries. Apparently, that causes long-term changes in your brain that often lead to downside neural changes. I have come to the realization, I actually have a mindset of lacking when it comes down to indoor air temperature control. When I actually stop plus really consider it, my childhood was basically defined by a severe lack of indoor air temperature comfort. When I was growing up, all of us lived on a relatively tight budget. My mom never wanted to pay more for our energy bills plus she genuinely needed to. As such, she was basically obsessed with keeping the Heating plus A/C machine turned down literally as low as she could. In the cold season, all of us had to wear coats regularly to stay warm in the residence separate from using the gas heating machine. In the Summer, all of us laid beneath fans because the a/c machine wasn’t ever running. As an adult, I am pretty much obsessed with using our indoor air temperature control machines. I don’t go longer than four hours separate from making changes to our thermostat. If I am even slightly warm or cold, I am going to utilize our heating plus cooling machine as much as I want. Since I grew up with so little indoor comfort, I assume I have become obsessed with it as an adult. Thanks, mom.


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