I don’t know what I am doing

I am at the point where I need professional help. When I decided to get in shape, I figured I could easily do it on my own. I bought a treadmill, some weights and running shoes. I had a whole weekly fitness plan put together. Well I went way too hardcore right out of the gate. I am past the point of being sore. I actually think I might have damaged something. I can hardly sleep at night because my back hurts so bad. I have muscle pain in areas that I should have. My stomach cramps and it actually hurts to pee. What did I do to myself? I think I can’t be trusted to do my own work outs. I want to have a fitness expert give me a weekly workout plan. I also like the idea of doing the workouts in a gym rather than at home. I don’t mind owning a treadmill and some weights, but I don’t want to buy anymore. A gym has all sorts of machines that are maintained by the facility. It also gets me out of the house and interacting with other people too. When you work from home like me, human interaction is minimal. The gym closest to my apartment offers group fitness classes and one on one personal training. To start with I will do one on one instruction. Once I manage to do this without injury, I might move up to the classes. I am hopeful some days of the week I can actually utilize my home fitness equipment again. I need to learn the right way to work out before that happens.

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