I don’t want to have burst pipes

When I was living down south, I remember that our power went out all of the time.

I was in a rural section that had severely seasoned power lines plus overworked transformers.

It seemed to care about the people I was with and I had blackouts at least once a week, some blackouts lasting for as long as 2 or more minutes. Since it was in the south, the worst thing the people I was with and I had to constantly worry about with a loss of power were our refrigerators getting hot plus the utter lack of indoor air conditioner. It was also frustrating if I was busy working in my bedroom plus had to just drop everything for indefinite chunks of time until the power company could get energy back again to the grid. Now that I live up north, power outages are a serious concern in low, frigid temperatures. The water lines in your home’s plumbing are regularly full. Since water always expands as it freezes, these PVC pipes can burst with enough pressure. Once that happens water suddenly blasts out at full speed plus hastily floods the areas of your home near the broken pipe. So, to avoid thousands of dollars in water injury repairs, the people I was with and I keep a storm generator to power the old central oil furnace if the electricity ever goes out while it’s below 32 degrees outside. Thankfully for us, the people I was with and I didn’t have to use the storm generator more than three times last Winter time plus I’m praying for the same outlook during next winter. It’s stressful when the modern power goes out when it’s that chilly outside, even if you have a new storm generator, a wood stove, or some other backup heating source.

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