I raise eyebrows as a female professional fixing cooling plus heating component

My family has constantly been supportive of my work goals plus choices from the onset, then i come from a generation of men who go against all the odds to thrive in male-dominated works.

It seemed I was the only 1 to take that path in my era, plus my mom realized that once I started waking plus having no interest in men-related toys plus games.

I grew up playing with electronic appliances, plus the older I became I took area in courses aligned with electronics. If I could, I’d be an electrical engineer, but I decided to settle for a less involving course plus pursued a technical course instead, my main objective is to become a renowned HVAC dealer supplying a whole region with HVAC for sale but for now, I settle for a modest role primarily known as an HVAC serviceman since men hardly hold the position here. I am out a lot in the field, ensuring our clients get their money’s worth with our temperature control appliances, however as a service professional, I resolve buyer temperature control complications, fixing ductworks, replacing plus cleaning air conditioner filters, checking for ductwork leaks, plus doing ductwork sealing. My greatest assignment has been to service a heating component known as a steam boiler with a colleague for a manufacturing firm outside of town. I am currently undertaking in-house lessons on how to do HVAC upgrade. Once this training ends, I’ll be among the professionals that install the modern hybrid HVAC proposal stock all of us expect in a few weeks. I love toiling with heating plus cooling component but more pressingly, I find fulfillment in seeing my clients love quality air from their A/C..

Heat pump repair

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