I was so happy to stay in a hotel Last month however the air conditioner wasn’t working

I have easily been missing traveling since this whole shutdown thing began several weeks ago, and staying at lake beach house has easily been getting boring, in my opinion.

I like going to stay in hotels, plus so when I had my birthday last week, my husband booked a room for us downtown in the swanky section of the neighborhood as section of my birthday gift.

I was pretty happy because it had been so long since I’ve been to a extravagant hotel! There’s just something special about staying in a nice hotel. Anyway, when both of us got there, both of us observed that the air conditioner didn’t seem to be working respectfully in the lobby of the hotel, then there was an HVAC company working in the lobby, though, so both of us thought that they would genuinely get the problem fixed sooner rather than later, we checked in plus went up to our room, which was charming, however our suite was gorgeous plus spacious plus both of us were going to get a discount on room service, too, so I was excited, but however, when both of us opened up the door to the room, both of us immediately observed how hot plus stuffy it was in there. Apparently, the air conditioner in our suite wasn’t working either! I went over plus messed with the temperature control on the wall however nothing happened. I called down to the front desk, plus sure enough, the air conditioner was out all over the entire building. They said that the HVAC dealers were working on it floor by floor plus that our room should be fixed by the middle of the night.


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