I was struggling with making advertisements for my company

I was never good at creative ideas.

I guess I’m not exactly what someone would call a creative person, I just look at art and wonder what’s so special? I also own a HVAC business, and while I feel I can manage my business just fine, I had to have help with the web design of my website, because again, I’m not sure how my website would look to other people, and they say, appearance is everything.

So, when it came to advertising, I didn’t think I would be that bad, and I started off with my own couple of ads. Well, they flopped immensely and I realized I was going to need help. I wasn’t afraid to admit that I am bad at these kinds of things, and getting help would be the best option. I started looking online and I found a marketing business online that did help with ads. They actually helped with a lot more than just ads, but that was what I was mainly interested in. When I spoke to the lady, not only were they going to help me with digital marketing, but she also told me she can teach me about PPC. Pay per click is another form of successful advertising. The lady helped me create a decent Google ad, and the nice part was it was going to be one of the Pay per click kind, which will hopefully help attract the right kind of people. This same digital marketing company also offered SEO services, and a variety of other things, but I didn’t feel I needed those as much, mainly because I feel I only struggle with the art and creative aspects.


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