I Wrote an Article About The Benefits of Having Your Furnace Serviced

When I graduated from school with a degree in public relations, I struggled to find a relaxing task in my field.

I went on countless interviews, but nothing felt right.

I wasn’t expecting any task to be perfect, but the pay was either too low, or the hours were too demanding, or I had to start as an intern. I didn’t think I was better than anyone else, but I’d already spent 4 years learning plus interning for countless companies. I wasn’t interested in settling on pay, hours, or position. As I was complaining to my Mom about my task hunt, he commanded I check out the availability at his task. He was an HVAC professional at the local HVAC supplier in town, so I wasn’t expecting to find any public relations work. In order to appease him, I did some research plus was pleasantly surprised to see that they were searching for someone to boost their media presence plus dabble in their public presence. I took a chance on the position plus I’m so blissful I did! The first thing they wanted myself and others to labor on when I was hired, was to write an article about the benefits of having your gas furnace maintained before Fall. I didn’t assume much about gas furnaces, so I did my research plus gathered my facts. As soon as I published the article on their social media accounts, the telephones started ringing off the hook. People were referring to the article plus scheduling appointments to have their gas furnace maintained.

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