Loss of employment turned myself and others into an HVAC serviceman fixer upper in my hometown

Difficult times hit the hardest, some catch us unaware, but some ease us into it! For a decade, I worked for an HVAC company who had business all year round, supplying retailers with hybrid HVAC systems, but when the global epidemic struck, few supplies could leave the state, as well as even fewer retailers reMEd in business locally, then cuts were made, as well as the company laid off several workers, luckily I stayed behind as an HVAC serviceman but at half pay.

  • Although I was retained, the checks were fewer as well as far apart.

Foreseeing the worst, I moved from my various kitchen uptown rental dwelling into a trailer park to cut on costs as well as sustain my family of 3… Here I created a few brochures to market myself as a heating as well as cooling handyman. It took a while to pick, but I was often scheduled reprogramming or fixing temperature controls, loose air ducts, a/c filter, as well as HVAC duct sealing when calls started coming in… Even the local farmland nearby hired myself and others to maintenance their steam boiler, but the engagement was too large for myself and others to handle alone, so I passed the task to my current supervisor in exchange for a cut. Most of the trailers were run down, as well as even though an a/c was the last on several to-do lists for the families, the tropical temperature could not let them stay without a functioning cooling or heating device. Even my locale needed usual temperature control, as well as since I could not afford a new HVAC for sale, I had to improvise. My side hustle picked so well that I resigned with no pay for various weeks from my supervisor but, I was making enough to live on, and performing an HVAC installation acquired myself and others the most, but they were honestly few as well as out of city since word went around fast regarding my affordable services.
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