My children ended up breaking their windows

For a little while now, our children upstairs have had their own window A/C units.

  • Well, in the boys’ room, I came to learn that they were playing catch with a baseball & they threw the ball & hit the window.

The window unblessedly broke & this caused a big issue with cooling the room. The A/C window unit works fine, but with the broken window, the A/C just goes straight out of the window! So I instantly had to take the window to a place to be repaired. I was ecstatic when the cost wasn’t overly pricey. When I was able to get the window with the new glass back in site, I was ecstatic to see that the air conditioning was toiling good again in the boys’ room. I had to have a stern talk with the boys though because I didn’t want this to happen again. I said there would not be any playing catch in the room, that’s something that needs to be done outside. They said it would not be a problem, & they seemed to be honestly ecstatic about the air conditioning toiling good in their room again. It gets honestly hot upstairs without the air conditioning toiling, so it’s important that those window A/C units are able to work and possible. That of course can’t happen if there are broken windows! Well, I honestly should have had a talk with the boys as well because later on, I l received that they ended up breaking their window also!

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