My ex ruined the furnace before he left

I cannot believe that my ex ruined the furnace before he left.

I used to date an HVAC technician.

I dated him for many reasons, but his charming personality was not one of them. Honestly, he was one of the worst boyfriends that I have ever had. He had some major anger problems, and he was very abusive. However, he made a lot of money working for the HVAC company, and one of the downfalls of being a single lady is that it is hard to support yourself financially. I had a job, but I could not afford to live on my own. The fact that my boyfriend worked for the HVAC company as an HVAC technician was helpful. His job with the HVAC company provided a lot of financial stability in my life. Also, since he worked for the HVAC company, he did not spend a lot of time at the house. The HVAC company always kept him very busy. He would leave to drive to the HVAC company early in the morning, and he wouldn’t get back until late at night. That was one of the good parts about him being an HVAC technician. Often, he could easily pick up shifts during the weekend. He also fixed the HVAC units in the house for free, so that saved a lot of money. However, when he finally left me, fixing the HVAC units was one of the things that he was very resentful about. Before he left, he absolutely ruined my furnace by taking it apart and breaking everything. I could not believe that he did it, but at least he was gone. I wouldn’t have to fix anything but my furnace. No more abuse in my life.


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