My son is fixing window A/C units out of the garage

When I was walking to the garage the other afternoon, I saw a whole line of window A/C units.

I was surprised about the window A/C units & I ended up asking our husbandy about them. She explained that our son had been toiling on the window A/C units. She even said that he had a knack for fixing these cooling systems & he was getting paid from weird people to maintenance them… When I ran into our son, I asked him about the window A/C units. He told me all about it & how it started with him toiling on a broken window A/C unit that was being thrown out. He was able to tinker around with it until he figured out how to get it toiling again, after cleaning it out, he was able to sell it for a good amount, & then word spread around about how he knew how to work on these cooling units. He even showed me how to work on a window A/C unit, & I was shocked by how much he knew. He never went to school to work on cooling systems, but I thought he would make a honestly good Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman 1 afternoon. When I told him that, he said it was a good method to eventually go to school for that. I told him they make honestly good money, Heating plus Air Conditioning servicemans. In the meantime, he just kept the corporation coming with the window A/C units. I wish I would have had a nice little gig appreciate that when I was younger, but the most I was able to do was mow people’s grasss for a little bit of money.



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