My window air conditioner is so cool!

My window air conditioner is so cool! I wish that I would have bought a window air conditioner a long time ago. The only reason that I decided not to buy a window air conditioner a long time ago is that I really wanted to buy a central air conditioner. In fact, I refused to buy anything besides a central air conditioner for a long time. I didn’t want to waste my money on temporary window air conditioners when I could save up my money for a nice central air conditioner. However, every time that I thought that I had nearly enough money for the central air conditioner, something would happen, and I would have to spend all of my savings to fix it. After a few times of this happening, I finally gave up on the central air conditioner. I could still make purchasing the central air conditioner a long-term goal, but I wanted an air conditioner, and I did not have the patience to wait for a central air conditioner. Instead, I decided to buy a window air conditioner. However, I already had some money saved up, so I bought a nicer window air conditioner. This window air conditioner can be controlled by my phone, and it is almost completely silent. All of the window air conditioners that I have ever seen were pretty loud, and that is why this one is so cool. Furthermore, this window air conditioner is efficient and cheap to use. Sure, my window air conditioner is not a central air conditioner, but I am glad to finally have a window air conditioner to keep me cool.

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