Need to do more arm workouts

I think I am going to do a group fitness class. When I worked out I noticed that I only attacked the same muscles. I really prefer to work on my legs and butt. I typically do cardio or strength training as well. If I make myself do any arm work, it is only in the tricep area. I recently figured out that I am pretty toned all over, but I have weak biceps. I never want to lift weights. I bought free weights and I just watched them collect dust in the corner. I get bored lifting and my form is definitely off. I always manage to hurt my neck when I lift weights. There is a group fitness class at my gym that is all strength training. They don’t just lift weights to tone arms though. The fitness instructor uses medicine balls, weighted poles, kettlebells and all sorts of equipment. I know he has people hold planks, do push ups and shadow boxing with gloves on. There are all sorts of unique ways to build arm muscles. I want to do the class but I am worried I won’t be able to hack it. I think my baby biceps will die after one class. That is why I am only starting out with one day a week. I don’t need to have arms like Arnold either. I just want to look like I can actually lift something. My goal is to do an arm based work out at least two days a week for 30 minutes a piece. That is a doable goal right?


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