Never in my life have I seen so much ductwork sealing in one place

College life has been a wonderful time for me.

  • My course offers timely field tours that complement classwork to expand our understanding of what both of us learn and receive practical reading skills, then this unique excursion took us to a wood processing plant on the outskirts of neighborhood that used a lot of energy to cool and heat the wood.

But both of us were at the plant to better understand how ducts are interconnected to relay heat or cold to and from any air duct, A/C filter, or heating and cooling appliances no matter the location and use; With such a huge industrial plant, the commercial demand for the cooling and heating equipment was enormous to keep adequate temperature control from a central temperature control that ensures employees work under favorable conditions. The HVAC serviceman on duty is tied up round the clock, ensuring that no hybrid HVAC plan is underperforming. This unique has an enormous duct plan consistently pushing air. They are constantly monitored to ensure there are no leaks, and any ductwork sealing done is continuously checked to ensure overall energy efficiency is not lost. The steam boiler is another equipment under the corporation’s radar because if any of them stalls, the plant has to discontinue processing until its fixed. It’s clear the plant takes its AC needs seriously. A little digging revealed that they source their AC products from a foreign HVAC supplier who handles their bulk orders on all HVAC for sale. The inhouse corporation also handles the plants’ HVAC installation. The trip was quite an eye-opener to what large scale a/cs can deliver compared to what both of us are accustomed to, back at home.


Ductless heat pump

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