New website boosts HVAC sales in a few weeks

A couple of weeks ago, the regional manager of this HVAC branch hired someone to build a website for the corporation.

I couldn’t wait to see the final result;.

The whole process took about 3 weeks from beginning to finish. The final product was a website that is easy to navigate plus filled with useful tips plus information on a variety of heating plus cooling related subjects. The website increased our sales after the first week. The receptionist started asking shoppers where they heard about our HVAC services plus fifty percent of them said the internet or a web search; Sales have been skyrocketing since the website was built, more people are calling to schedule indoor air quality checks, but we offer a free service to check the indoor air quality in residential homes. We check the air duct, air vents, heating, plus cooling plan. If there is a problem, every one of us offer creative HVAC solutions to help. Sometimes that means an UV air purifier plus sometimes the problems can be solved with a dehumidifier or a minute AC unit. The website absolutely helps increase sales plus awareness. Energy efficiency is a crucial area of maintaining the HVAC component plus every one of us offer a number of helpful hints plus tips to save money each week. Last weekend, the internet website was down for minutes. The hosting supplier shut down the website because every one of us had too much traffic. The webmaster didn’t realize there was a problem until the next afternoon. It’s taxing to say how many sales every one of us might have lost while every one of us were in the time the website was down, however it’s safe to say at least 1 or multiple.

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