Not too pleased about my guy not getting his raise yet

My hubby has been working for the same Heating & Air Conditioning service & replacement dealer for over 5 years! He is easily smart, capable, & amazing with problem solving skills.

  • He has wonderful customer service reviews & he always takes care of the job entirely on time.

After 2 years, he received a little raise & a benefits package, and the supervisor at the Heating & Air Conditioning machine service & replacement dealer promised my hubby an additional raise when he became supervisor. My hubby waited for a few years to even get the promotion. My hubby became the branch supervisor recently when the aged supervisor took a task at the corporate office. I’m not especially pleased though, because he still hasn’t received any monetary compensation for taking the task. My hubby still has not received a raise from the promotion. He should be receiving a salary & retirement benefits, however he is still getting the same hourly rate. I told my hubby to request the raise very firmly, however he is delighted at his task & does not want to make anybody upset. My guy gets up every single morning before the sun & he doesn’t come back home most of the time until the sun is set already. Just the other day, he worked on a ductless Heating & Air Conditioning machine upgrade task all day on his own. He broke his finger in a door jamb & still was able to take care of the upgrade task. I’m extremely fed up with those people taking full advantage of a superb guy & a hard worker. I think it might be time for my guy to start a business of his own & leave that locale for a much better career.

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