Preparing for an outdoor engagement party

My daughter got engaged last month, and my husband and I are busy planning an engagement party. We have a beautiful outdoor area with a deck and patio. It’s the perfect place to have an engagement party.  The space can easily accommodate 50 or 60 people, and we have direct access to the kitchen, living room, and pool. When I mentioned having the party at home, my daughter and her fiance were happy with the idea. They decided to take care of all the food and drinks, and my husband and I are planning the rest. The weather is starting to get cold at night, so we want to be prepared. We’ve talked about buying an outdoor heater in the past, and the engagement party is a perfect excuse to finally purchase the item. Patio heaters are great for outdoor use, but they cannot be used near combustibles, indoors, or enclosed areas like tents or small buildings. We researched some outdoor heaters a few months ago, but we decided to perform some really extensive fact-finding research. We looked at the outdoor heaters from Lowe’s and Home Depot. Both of the home improvement stores had several options. I found a lot more options under $200 at Home Depot. Lowes only had a few selections that were inexpensive.

From Home Depot, we found two patio heaters made by Hampton Bay. One was a Hampton Bay 48,000 BTU stainless steel patio heater. I was really happy with the price at $119 each. A small amount of assembly was required, but Hampton Bay is a brand name that everyone knows and trusts. The patio heater stands over 7 ft tall with a gunmetal gray finish. The Hampton Bay 48000 BTU stainless steel patio heater uses gas for the main fuel source. My husband and I also looked at another 48,000 BTU Hampton Bay patio heater. This model was much more expensive, coming in right at $200. The gas patio heater in Black by Hampton Bay included a wheel kit assembly and push button electronic ignition. This particular patio heater has features such as an adjustable flame height, automatic shutoff, electric ignition, and wheels that make it easy to move. The two heaters had mixed reviews online, especially when I compared both of the patio heaters from Hampton Bay. Some reviews were excellent and others were not so good. With a name like Hampton Bay, I really expected more positive reviews overall. 

We reviewed a third and final model from Home Depot. The XtremepowerUS floor standing gas patio heater was not as pretty as the Hampton Bay model. The heater looked bulky and plain. It was cheaper than both of the Hampton Bay models, but it was easy to see why. Though the XtremePowerUS gas patio heater came with an automatic shutoff, electric ignition, and 8 foot height, it didn’t look nearly as pretty or appealing as either one of the patio heaters from Hampton Bay. The square footage for heating was only 175, when the other Hampton Bay heaters were over 300 square feet. The cheap price tag was not impressive with less features and smaller heated areas.. 

My husband and I also decided to compare a few different patio heaters from Lowe’s as well. We found the patio heaters at Lowe’s to be significantly more expensive than any of the items that we found on the Home Depot website. I was particularly taken by the Hanover 42,000 BTU multi-color LED lighted base heater. It was over $400, but it looked sleek and modern. The LED lighted base glows in a variety of colors. I also liked the temperature control which allowed you to choose from low, medium, or high heat. This would have been my dream propane heater if money was no object for the two of us. Unfortunately, with a daughter about to get married, price was an important selling point. Garden Treasures makes a 47000 BTU steel propane patio heater. It looks similar to the cheap XtremepowerUS brand. It features many of the same frills as the Hampton Bay patio heaters. The Garden Treasures 47000 BTU liquid propane patio heater had more reviews than any other product that we viewed. In fact, out of almost 200 reviews, 90% of people gave the product four or five stars. Most folks agreed that the full size patio heater was easy to assemble and impossible to break. I really liked the hidden compartment for the propane tank. The tilted heat emitter also provides ample heated coverage in your outdoor space. The anti-tilt safety switch ensures good stability, so the heater will shut off to prevent any fires or accidents. 

After seeing the price tag and reviews, my husband and I decided to buy the Garden Treasures 47000 BTU propane patio heater from Lowe’s.  They only had one heater in stock at my home store, but my husband and I wanted to purchase two propane patio heaters for the party. We decided to order them both online. The Lowe’s company shipped our items directly to the store, and we had the propane heaters on hand three days later. They look shiny and metallic, and I’m impressed with the quality of the work. Each one of the heaters is crafted with precision in mind. The metal pieces fit together perfectly and there are no sharp edges or screws sticking out. I was happy that the company included a wheel kit and protective cover. That will make it much easier to store our new heaters. The only thing my husband and I have to purchase is a propane tank for each one of the heaters. The engagement party is scheduled for 3 weeks from today. There is still a lot of work to be done. We’re just getting ready to send out invitations. We have to talk to the caterers and discuss the menu. We also need to buy alcohol for the open bar. At least we have the propane heaters on hand and that is one thing that we can take off our mind.

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