Replacing older heat pump

When the people I was with and I bought our house, there was an electric heat pump installed. It was obviously easily aged plus hadn’t been taken care of. The outdoor unit was huge plus rusted. It made a tremendous amount of noise whenever it started up, but despite the hot plus humid summers the people I was with and I experience, the heat pump managed to keep the lake house perfectly cool. The winters are respectfully quite mild in this area, however now plus then the temperature drops down into the thirties. The system struggled to manage the colder conditions. It would ice over. The people I was with and I eventually bought a portable electric furnace that is designed to look like a wood-burning stove to add some extra warmth… Just over a year ago, during the middle of summer, I noticed that the house felt warm. The heat pump was actually running plus yet nothing however hot air was coming from the vents. I fiddled with the temperature control however couldn’t make any improvement. When I called an Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C contractor for repair, she looked over the unit plus found a small refrigerant leak. Because the heat pump is so old, there is no option of upgradement parts. She suggested adding refrigerant plus hoping for the best. She said there was no way to know whether that would service the problem for a few afternoons or a few years. The repair cost myself and others slightly over numerous hundred dollars. Unfortunately, this past summer, the heat pump once again gave nothing however hot air. I knew it was time to upgrade it. Although the installation of a new heat pump was a significant expense, it has made a huge improvement. The new system is easily quiet plus energy efficient. It definitely maintains a hot plus comfortable lake house during the worst of the Winter weather.

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