Saving money buying a heater online

My son and his wife were married last January. They wanted a winter wedding with snow, ice sculptures, and an ice skating rink. The wedding was very expensive, and the guest list was long and full of friends and family. The kids spent a lot of money on the decorations, reception, and honeymoon. My wife and I paid for some of the flowers and the caterer, but I know they still spent a great deal of money. All of the luxurious details put a dent in their savings account, and they were practically broke after the celebration. My son and his wife were working on fixing up an old house. Unfortunately, they had some problems with the gas furnace in the middle of February. My son didn’t have a lot of money to spend on a new gas furnace. He was going to buy a few space heaters and wait until the following season. My wife and I decided to see if we could find anything reasonable at Home Depot. We went directly to the store, but they only had a few models available. The store manager told us that they had a much larger selection online. The store manager also told my wife and I that any product online could be shipped directly to the store at no additional charge.

My wife and I decided to look at 3 different Winchester gas furnaces. Home Depot had a large selection of furnaces, and my wife and I already have a Winchester 120,000 BTU gas furnace in our home. The kids didn’t need such a large unit, so we compared three different 80,000 BTU gas furnaces. The cheapest multi-positional gas furnace available was just a little more than $1,000. This Winchester model gas furnace had the lowest AFUE rating. The AFUE rating stands for annualized fuel utilization efficiency. This is a minimum standard that every heating and cooling unit must meet in order to receive an energy rating. The lowest price gas furnace from Home Depot was listed at 80%. This is standard for most furnaces, but not the best efficiency rating for saving money each month. It’s like a truck that gets 20 miles to the gallon. It’s ok, but it would be much better to get a car with a 40 mpg rating. 

The Winchester multi-positional gas furnace is a forced air furnace that uses convection heating technology. Forced air heating means that the heat travels through the air using a network of. The air travels from one duct to another to enter different areas of your home. The temperatures are set up according to your desired thermostat setting. There are a few different types of forced air heating systems, like electric, gas, and a heat pump. My son and his wife already had a gas furnace set-up and they’re home, so that decision was easy to make. The Winchester 80000 BTU gas furnace has a built-in blower motor to help aid with air distribution. The blower motor has multiple speeds, and a 5 year warranty on parts.

My wife and I also looked at a Winchester 80000 BTU multi-positional gas furnace with a 95.5% AFUE rating. This furnace model was $500 more, and practically the same height and width. The biggest difference was the amount of fuel utilization. The higher AFUE rating meant that my kids would save money each month. Even though the price was significantly higher, that savings would turn into dollars in their pocket. At this early stage in their marriage, I knew monthly savings would be important. My wife and I also looked at a Winchester two-stage variable speed multi-positional gas furnace with a 96% AFUE rating. The unit was much more expensive at nearly $2,500. The energy consumption per year was much less than either of the other two units, making the price tag reasonable. The forced air furnace was also using convection heating technology. With a 5 year warranty on parts, our decision was difficult to make. My wife and I weighed all of the pros and cons when thinking about our decision. We thought about our son and his wife and their needs. We finally decided to choose the 80,000 BTU Winchester multi-positional gas furnace from Home Depot. It was more expensive than the lowest model, but the furnace can be set up for downflow, upflow, or even horizontal residential installation. We ordered the model online and had the items shipped directly to the Home Depot in our area. The item was large, cumbersome, and quite heavy, but sending it to the store was absolutely free. When the furnace arrived, the company gave us a call to pick up our item. They even helped us load the heavy box into our truck. My wife and I were happy with the process, which was very painless and easy. 

My son and his wife were very happy that we bought them a new furnace. They were equally surprised. My son and I have some knowledge of plumbing and heating installations, and we anticipated performing most of the work on our own. After seeing all of the parts in the box, my son and I were overwhelmed. We were hoping to perform much of the installation process without a professional, but even the step by step directions were hard to understand. We knew some additional work would be required, and we needed to contact a heating and qualified AC professional. Thankfully, they were helpful and prompt. They finished the furnace installation the very next day. I guess a lot of people buy furnaces and air conditioners from the store, and then pay someone to install them. The HVAC contractor made sure that everything was up to code, including the electrical and mechanical work. The Winchester gas furnace from Home Depot was a great purchase for my son’s home. It will be a long time before they need to replace the system again, since everything is under warranty for the next five years. 

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