Sealing My Windows and Doors

I made the mistake of telling my dad that I thought my heat and air was escaping through my doors and windows.

I’m his little girl, so whenever I mention any issues I’m having around the house, he always insists on coming over and fixing the issue himself.

I try and tell him that I’m more than capable of doing things myself, but he doesn’t listen. Lately, I’ve been really good about avoiding any conversations that may lead me to telling my dad about any issues. However, the heat and air comment just slipped in the middle of a harmless conversation. As expected, my dad showed up bright and early at my doorstep the day after my little admission. He brought his toolbox and insisted on sealing all my doors and windows. I couldn’t push him away, so I decided to join in and help with the process. My dad brought along several products to try. He had a foam seal, caulk, and window tape. We tried all three products, but we ended up using the caulk the most because we felt like it would be the most effective at keeping my heat and air inside. The wording on the caulk packaging claimed to seal the cracks so that all my heat and air would stay inside and no air from the outside would enter either. Once properly sealed, my HVAC system would run more efficiently. I liked the sound of that! I’m glad my dad ended up coming to seal my doors and windows, because we got to spend some quality time together and I’m able to keep my HVAC treated air inside the house!

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