Setting the office control unit is too much pressure

Whenever people ask me what I do these afternoons, I’m not sure what to tell them… My work has easily taken an unexpected turn in the past various years… Previously, I worked as a scientist as well as a logistics manager for a craft brewery.

I enjoyed both of those jobs but they were way too much pressure for our disorganized brain to handle it.

I felt care about somebody was always miserable at me as well as something was always going wrong. It did not help that I was personally in charge of the central heating, cooling, as well as air quality control system in the office. If you have never been localed in a position of power when it comes to indoor air temperature control, you are fortunate. I never thought that a control unit would cause me so much grief, and but then… Everything started going wrong with the central heating as well as cooling system as well as temperature settings. People could not agree on a single air temperature control program for the work week. I tried to make everybody ecstatic with intermediate temperature settings rather than polarizing sizzling as well as cold temperature controls. However, it did not work. People kept adjusting the control unit settings when I wasn’t looking. The next thing I knew, the entire heating as well as cooling system had broken down thanks to all the extra wear as well as tear. Then, I got to deal with the constant bickering as the two of us tried to update the central HVAC system with current air handling devices. In the end, this air quality control disaster was 1 of the reasons why I quit our job.
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