She had her own HVAC business

Adrianna always wanted to be like her dad since she was a kid.

  • He was a famous mechanic in their neighborhood and several people relied on him to service their vehicles.

No matter who you were, her dad could repair your car. Even the rich people in the neighborhood called upon him when their expensive vehicles broke down. Adrianna was always his apprentice after school, during the weekends and the holidays. Her dad didn’t mind teaching her all that he knew and Adrianna always thought she’d be a mechanic like him, but, when she was in middle school, they had a talk and she told dad she had changed her mind. Adrianna would still work with her hands, but she wanted to be in a different industry. Adrianna’s school had some people from different industries come for career day and she got to speak with a lady who ran an AC business, however the lady had started out as her father’s apprentice and opted to go to Heating and A/C school after graduation, and she said the industry was so interesting and even offered to teach Adrianna. After high school, Adrianna joined Heating and A/C school and attained her certification. She worked for the lady’s AC company in another neighborhood for 5 years then went back home to open her own enterprise. Her dad had instilled in her the desire to run a company and Adrianna eventually owned an AC company in her hometown, but many people who had trusted her father to service their vehicles now relied on her to service their heating and cooling units. Thanks to all the skills that Adrianna learned over the years, she did her job well, employed several heating and cooling workers and created a thriving business.

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