Son won’t help myself and others install control component until I study the manual

Sometimes my kids actually drive myself and others crazy.

They suppose that they are so smart as well as they use it against me.

I wish that I had not forced them to become such well-read, well-rounded children throughout their upbringing. Maybe, then they would be a little more grateful as well as less smart-assy with me, unluckyly, this hasn’t been the case with my youngest child as well as his entitled attitude. A few months ago I had a easy request for him – I asked if he could help myself and others to install a smart control component in my cabin instead of the ancient plastic dial control component that I had been using for 30 years. I thought it would be actually easy for him to help myself and others research as well as install a current temperature control equipment for the central heating as well as cooling system. He is, after all, a computer scientist. It should be no issue for him to understand the technical requirements for the smart control units as well as quickly wire it to the a/c component as well as forced air furnace. Too bad for me, my severely intelligent child has decided that he doesn’t want to be burdened with helping his mom with indoor air quality control; Namely, he doesn’t want to be responsible for programming or resetting the control component after it’s installed. My child insists that he will not install the smart control component until I can pass a quiz designed around the smart control component manual. I suppose that it’s deranged when he could simply teach myself and others what the smart control component manual tells him. At this point, we are in a standoff as well as my air quality keeps getting worse.
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