Striving to keep fit as I get older

When I was younger, I was slightly careful about what I ate & I would workout for approximately twenty minutes each day.

I could easily maintain a healthy & attractive weight.

As I’ve gotten older, my metabolism has slowed considerably. I’ve had to become much more committed & conscientious about my diet & exercise habits. It has also been necessary to include a specialized anti-aging skincare regimen. Where I once just washed my face with water, I now include a whole selection of rather pricey anti-aging products. I have a special face wash, a lotion for dark circles under my eyes, a serum against wrinkles on my neck & above my lip & an oil for cheeks & forehead. I proceed through a lengthy skincare ritual every morning following my shower & again prior to going to bed. I don’t bother setting an alarm because I have such problems sleeping at night that I automatically wake up very early in the morning. I normally exercise first thing. I believe it’s better for me to get my workout completed right away. The longer I hold off, the more difficult it is to get motivated. Most of the time, I really enjoy my workout sessions. I now devote a minimum of 60 minutes to physical activities every day. I make certain to incorporate at least a half an hour of high intensity cardio. Sometimes I devote the entire workout to elevating my heart rate, breathing hard & getting drenched in sweat. I need to really push myself to keep my weight the same. My body would really prefer to add a few pounds, especially in my tummy area. I now need to work much harder to stay thin & maintain toned muscles. Flexibility is much more difficult than it once was. I’ve altered my diet to eliminate pasta, cheese, bread & most of my favorite foods. I mostly eat a variety of fruits & vegetables.
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