Team building with the cooling specialist from all offices

I organized team-building activities every two years for each department of our five branches.

Every staff member always looked forward to the team building days as did I. There were prizes to be worn that included all paid trips, monetary prizes, and other exciting gifts. I invited all the cooling specialists from our five branches. I tried to have the activities centered around, physical, mental and emotional strength, and intelligence. One of the activities was to carry out a makeshift quality AC service on a commercial air conditioning system blindfolded but with guidance from your teammates. There were puzzles of different cooling equipment such as the central air conditioning, wireless thermostat, and the zoned HVAC when completed. One of the senior cooling workmen who was helping me coordinate the team building was creating a list of tips to help with indoor comfort for our customers and with that were to play a game of charades. Within the team building, we also discussed the challenges faced at work and how we can overcome them. We finally divided the staff into teams that were responsible for matching different buildings with the best cooling units. The winning team was awarded a fully paid trip while the first runner’s up got a HEPA filter and complimentary HVAC service on their units. The second runner-up got a new HVAC system and a chance to donate air ducts to the children’s center downtown. The team building was a lot to deal with but it was successful. We all enjoyed it and we got to learn a whole lot about the units we work with as well as our colleagues. The team who did not win, better luck next time.


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