The heat is warming up my bills

I did fairly well with my budgeting this year and I”m glad.

Dealing with work related financial woes in 2020 was an issue for several people, especially for all of those who were laid off or furloughed care about I was.

Thankfully, most of us at our own company returned for work after 2 weeks of being unemployed. It still managed to dent my savings account considerably, however at least I didn’t lose my home from a few missed mortgage payments. There was a lot of budgeting on a level that I haven’t dealt with since I was eating ramen noodles plus nasty grilled cheese everyday for food. This time I managed to maintain a healthy plus satisfying daily diet because of years of cooking most of my meals. No matter how much cash I save each day through my changes in purchasing habits, I can’t stop the costs of heading into the hot season. It gets excruciatingly tepid in this region during the Summer plus I am forced to operate my cooling system on a quarterly basis. As you might guess, this costs a lot of cash, especially when you’re getting by with open windows plus ceiling fans during an immense portion of the year when it’s colder outside. Like I expected, my electricity bill has started to climb. I had to spend my savings an extra $80 from where it was the month prior. It’s not the quality of my cooling system – because it’s only 3 years old. It has a high SEER rating, however there’s only so much you can actually do in this environment where the daylight intensity is so high.

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