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In this article, I will break down the owner manual for your new Induced Combustion Gas Furnace by Bryant along with some very important safety warnings associated with this product. This article should be used only as a reference guide in conjunction with the full owners manual. This new furnace is energy efficient and is up to code with the Department of Energy through AHRI Certification. There is a fire or explosion hazard warning included in this manual. Failure to comply with these hazard warnings can result in serious injury, property damage or even death.

It is important not to store gas or anything flammable in the same vicinity as this furnace, or any other appliance, for that matter. If you smell gas, you must leave the building immediately. Remember, do not light any appliances, do not touch electrical switches, and if you cannot reach your local gas supplier, contact the fire department immediately.  Another hazard that comes along with the Induced Combustion Gas Furnace is carbon dioxide poisoning hazard. Bryant recommends that you have a carbon dioxide alarm for use with conjunction of this furnace.

Carbon monoxide is clear and odorless, so it can easily go unnoticed. If this furnace has even been on contact with water, it is unusable. Water can cause the furnace to explode. If it was ever involved in a flood, then you must not use this product.Now that we have covered all of the safety warnings and hazards, we can move on to the wonder features of your new Induced Combustion Gas Furnace. As far as energy efficiency, this is one of the best products on the market. It is important to provide routine maintenance on this product, as it is on any HVAC unit. If you do not clean your filters, this can cause the furnace to work overtime and even cause the unit to overheat and shut down. The filter needs to be replaced every 4 weeks to ensure the best results from your new furnace. It is important to always remember to replace the filter with the same size filter that was originally installed. Some filters are disposable and should never be cleaned and reused. You must replace this type of filter with a new one.

On the other hand, there are filters available that are cleanable and reusable. Clean these kinds of filters with cold water and a mild detergent. Clean these filters outdoors or in a bathtub. It is very important to turn the power switch off before removing the filter to clean it. This kind of furnace requires extra attention when it comes to safety. Never block the furnace with other objects. Any build up on the furnace can alter the efficiency, in turn, shortening the lifespan of the furnace. Faulty firing can be caused by a buildup of debris in the vent area. If this happens, you will usually hear a loud noise.

If you ever hear a loud noise after ignition, you should shut down the furnace immediately and contact your local dealer. If you notice that there is something not working properly with your furnace, you will need to shut it down. In order to do so, you must first turn the thermostat down to the lowest temperature that is possible. You must also be able to manually close the external gas valve. When doing any kind of maintenance on this unit, it is important to remember to use extreme caution of the sharp edges. The installer should have made sure that all sharp edges are filed down, but over time, the edges can become sharp. Use caution each time you remove a food, turn a valve, or replace a filter. Injury can be prevented or reduced by wearing protective eyewear, appropriate clothing, and gloves.

On the Bryant website, this product received a 4.5 star out of a 5 star rating. I decided to do some research to provide you with the most common concerns or complaints this system has to offer, from real customers, just like you. It seems like a furnace of this kind is only needed for those regions that get really, really cold. Many people state that the have not even had to utilize the furnace. Many people report that the fan is noisy when it cuts off. This could do with the fan needing replacement, but one review stated that replacing did not even help! If you can, you might want to place the furnace somewhere that is far enough away from your common areas so that the noise will not interrupt your sleep or family time. With an 80% efficiency rating, it is a great product to have if you live in a region that gets really cold. Some reviews say that the product has even exceeded their expectations!

The most important takeaway from this article should be the safety concerns that come along with having an induced combustion gas furnace. Never forget that you are not inevitable against these machines. There are dealers in every state and region that are trained to professionally install this furnace. These professionals know much more than the average person and are trained to know what to do incase something goes wrong. They are trusted and trained up to the Bryant standards. As mentioned previously in this article, if you think something is wrong with your unit you should take the necessary precautions, first, and then immediately contact your local dealer. This product has a great reputation in cold states. Many people recommend this kind of heating unit. Like most dealers, this one offers financing and other offers to make a last minute repair much easier to deal with. When a heating repair come at you out of nowhere, it can really be an unfortunate event. Most homeowners do not realize that their heating system is not working until it is time to use it. Unfortunately, this leaves them in a position where they are almost forced to purchase a new system.  

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